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ToToDo With Server

ToTodo with Server:


  1. ToToDoServer is running in
  2. Administrator can connect & login to server through his ToToDo client.
    (Default login username: admin / password: password)
  3. By using Manage Tool, Admin can create user accounts.
  4. Authorized Users can connect to server from their ToToDo.
  5. Manage Tool - available only for Administrator/Team Leaders


  1. Install the ToToDo-Server on any one computer.
  2. If you have any firewall installed, add ToToDoService.exe in the exception list.
  3. By using ToToDo-Server Tool, you can start the windows service named "ToToDo Server"
  4. If needed, configure your Router, to allow remote office users to connect ToToDo-Server through internet.


  1. Install the ToToDo software for each user.
  2. If you have any firewall installed, add ToToDo.exe in the exception list.
  3. In ToToDo, right bottom, click the login icon( ), enter the ToToDo-Server running hostname/IPAddress & the user Login details.
  4. The server status icon displays the connection status.
  5. Administrator/Team Leaders can access to the "Manage Tool"

Manage Tool:

  1. Click the "Manage Tool" link in ToToDo.
  2. Projects, Teams, Users & Tasks can be managed by using this tool.
  3. User can be assigned to multiple teams, where Team Leader role can be defined.
  4. Administrator can manage all users & tasks.
  5. Team Leader can manage his team users & their related tasks.
  6. Status Report alert schedular can be defined & assigned for a task user.