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    Totodo Client

  • What is a Totodo client and how it works?
  • Totodo is a simple to-do list tool to plan & organize your efforts. You can add Task, set Reminder, submit report etc. By default it is a personal task management tool, but with Totodo server it can be a Team collaboration tool.
  • How to add a task?
  • You can enter the task directly in the blank rows or Click "Add" icon button in the Top tool bar.
  • How the tasks are sorted?
  • By default the tasks are sorted by Start Date. Sort by Priority is the other option.
    You can select a option by Sort button in Tool bar.
  • How can I add Reminder for a task?
  • Right Click a Task and Select Reminder from Popup menu.
  • How to control the tasks list for a particular date?
  • You can list the tasks for a particular date by using the navigation controls which will be displayed on mouse hover the date. On clicking the date, you will have date picker displayed to select the date.
    When you click "Filter" button in Tool bar, you will have the following options.
    "Show tasks for Today”: Will display tasks related to the particular selected date of the To-do List.
    "Show tasks for Today & Tomorrow”: Will display tasks which are starting on the current date & next date.
    "Show tasks for Today & Upcoming”: Will display tasks which are starting on & after the current date.
  • What are the Status options for a task?
  • Assigned - Will be specified for a task by default when posted by the other member (using Manage Tool).
    Accepted - Will be specified for a task by default when posted by the same member for his to-do list. Also, when an Assigned task tool is clicked by the user, it will turn as Accepted. This will help the team leaders or administrators  
    to know whether a task is viewed by the assignee.
    Progress - Will be specified for a task which is in Progress.
    Current - Will be specified for a task by the user, on which currently he/she is working.
    Completed - Will be specified by the user when the task is completed.
    On Hold - To put the task on hold.