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    Totodo Server

  • What is a Totodo Server?
  • A Totodo Server is a separate server application, to drive ToTodo as a team collaboration tool.
  • What are the advantages of using Totodo Server?
  • - For Individuals, tasks can be synchronized with multiple clients, as tasks will be stored in Server
    - For Organizations, Totodo can be used as a Team Task Management Tool
    - Tasks can be assigned to user by his team leader, even from remote location
    - A Task can be shared with multiple users
    - Status Reports & Task updates will be displayed instantly in Team Leader's Screen
    - Team leaders can prioritize the other member's task & set deadlines
  • How to install & configure the Totodo Server?
  • Totodo Server will run as a Windows Service. After installing the Totodo Server, need to run the TotodoServiceManager.exe and click "Start" to register & start the Windows Service.
    By default a user account with username: admin & password: admin will be created.
    In Totodo client:
    - Login as the default admin user
    - You can view a new link "Manage Tool". Click the link & Manage Tool will popup.
    - In Manage Tool, you can manage Users, Projects, Tasks etc
  • What is the firewall configuration to be done for Totodo server?
  • In Windows Firewall, make sure TotodoServer.exe is added in firewall exception list.
    If needed open TCP Port: 15110
  • How to make sure Totodo Server is running?
  • In Windows Control Panel > Services > check "Totodo Service" is in running state.
    If you are not able to find Totodo Service, run TotodoServiceManager.exe & Start the Service.
  • What is the difference between Personal Task and Normal Task?
  • When a task is marked as Personal, it will be visible only for that posted user.
    Even Team Leaders & Administrator, cannot view that task.
  • How to purchase & register Totodo Server?
  • You can purchase Totodo server, using this link.
    To register the license details, run TotodoServiceManager.exe & click Register.
  • I am unable to connect Totodo Server. Why?
  • - In Windows Service, please make sure ToToDo Server service is running.
    - Try running ToToDo client in the same server running host & make sure it is able to connect with Server.
    - In Firewall, ToToDoServer.exe should be added in Firewall Exception list.If needed, open TCP Port: 15110.