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  • How can I synchronize my task with multiple clients?
  • By using Totodo Server, we can synchronize.
    For example, by connecting a Totodo client with the Totodo server, you have added 2 new tasks.
    If you connect from other location in the same user account, those 2 tasks will be downloaded. Similarly updated tasks will also be synchronized across multiple devices.
  • If I was disconnected from Totodo Server, how can I manage the tasks?
  • You can continue posting & updating the tasks, even when the server is disconnected.
    But make sure you have Signed Out from your User Account.
    The offline tasks will be synchronized with server, when connected.
  • When I Sign-out from my Totodo client, I am seeing different set of tasks. Why?
  • Yes, Once Signed into the server account, you will view the tasks downloaded from server & not local stored tasks.
    But on sign-out, you will view the tasks stored in the local database. These tasks will not be stored in the server.
  • Do I need to purchase Totodo Client ?
  • No. Totodo Client is Free!
  • Does Totodo Server have a onetime Price?
  • YES. You only need to pay for Totodo Server once.
  • How many Licenses do I need to Purchase?
  • Totodo Server license is sold on a "Single Computer License" basis. License does include
    1 year of free software updates.
  • What payment methods are available?
  • Online payment options: Credit card, Bank / Wire Transfer, Check, Paypal - prepayment options are provided by our payment processor:
  • When I will get the License Key?
  • The License key will be delivered to you directly immediately on processing your payment, usually within 24 Hours of payment.