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    Manage Tool

  • What is a Manage Tool?
  • Manage Tool is accessible only for Team Leaders & Administrator.
    In Totodo Client, after sign in, Manage Tool link will be displayed.
    Manage Tool helps to manage Users, Projects & also Tasks assigned for the Users.
    Team Leaders can create & manage Tasks for the team members using this tool.
  • How I can access Manage Tool?
  • Click the user icon at the right bottom of your Totodo client screen.
    In the pop-up provide Server IP / Server Name, Username and Password and click on Sign in button.
    A default administrator user name and password is set on the server (user name: admin & password: password). You can change the login details using manage tool at any time after logging in.
    When connected to server "Manage Tool" link will be displayed next to the Settings in Client.
  • How to assign users for a Team?
  • In Manage Tool, while adding/editing a User, you will have option to assign the user to single or multiple teams.
  • What is the role of Administrator and Team Leader?
  • Administrator will have control over all Users & Tasks. They can create Users, Teams & Projects.
    Team Leaders can manage tasks of their related Team Members.
  • How to assign Team Leader role for a User?
  • In User Edit Screen, in the team assign grid, you can change the status of the user.
  • What is Report Status?
  • Report Status is where you can define status report update scheduler. This scheduler can be assigned for a user in task add/edit screen.
    Based on the scheduler, user will be prompted to submit the status report for the task.
  • How to share a Task with multiple Users?
  • In Manage Tool, Task add/edit screen, you can assign the task to multiple users.
  • What is editable Start/Due date option?
  • By default Start & Due dates are editable only for task owner. By selecting the option, all assigned members can update the Start & Due Date.
  • Why I am seeing "..." as status for certain tasks?
  • When multiple users are assigned for a task & if their posted task status differs, then in manage tool task listing, you will see "..." as status.
  • When a task status will be changed from "Assigned" to "Accepted”?
  • A Task status will be changed from Assigned to Accepted automatically, when the task was clicked or viewed by the user.